Good (and Bad) Reasons to Get a Small Money Loan

Small money loans are a good alternative if you need some few thousand dollars, probably for a quick fix. Suitable small loans charge low-interest rates. Taking a small loan is reasonable if you have a good reason. Otherwise, you risk sinking into more debts by taking loans when it’s unnecessary. Below are the excellent reasons for taking small money loans and when you should eschew from these loans.

Good Reasons for Taking a Loan

Paying for an Emergency Expense

Emergencies come when you least expect. Fast funding comes in handy when the unexpected happens, whether it is an emergency vehicle repair that is not covered by insurance, medical bill, or an urgent home repair. The good news is that many lenders avail small loans the same day. Similarly, small loans are your best bet for essential home improvement and repairs, such as kitchen repairs. Failure to fix kitchen repairs immediately can lead to more home damage and, ultimately, high repair costs. If you do not have enough money to cater for a quick fix, taking a small loan is a good idea.

Refinance Existing Debts

Defaulting on a loan can hurt your credit-worthiness, making it hard to access loans in the future. Taking a small loan is sensible if your loan repayment date is due. Taking a loan to pay your loan installment helps to maintain good credit ratings. Paying existing loans in time is the right decision,  since most loan places in Raymondville TX and elsewhere expect borrowers to be responsible.

Similarly, you can consider taking a small loan to make tax payments. If you can’t pay your balance by statement due date, a lower rate small loan is cost-effective instead of dealing with legal actions by the authorities.

To Finance a Major Purchase

Another good reason for taking a small loan is to make a one-off purchase. For instance, if you need a particular appliance or piece of furniture, a small loan comes in handy. This means you can purchase your desired item without breaking the bank. The best part is that the repayment installments of small loans are quite low and affordable.

Wrong Reasons for Taking a Loan

Going on a Vacation

Taking a vacation is not a bad idea itself. However, the last thing you will not do is take a small loan to finance a vacation. If you plan to take a trip to a beach in summer, the best idea is to save well in advance.


Holding a wedding ceremony of your dreams is satisfying. A wedding can be super expensive or quite cheap. If you can afford a high-end wedding, well and good. However, if you do not have enough funds, you will want to scale down the wedding expenses. Starting a new life with debt is not a good idea.

Making Investment

While loans are among the sources of business capital, you should never take a loan to invest. It is akin to gambling. Startups are highly susceptible to failure. Also, even if you are a serial investor, there is no guarantee in investing. You don’t want to start something that will put you into more debt.


Taking a small loan is not an entirely good or bad decision. However, you should have a solid reason for taking loans. Taking a loan for an emergency is a justifiable reason while taking a small loan to finance your wedding comes across as an insensible decision. The bottom line is you should only take a loan when the return on investment is high, though not necessarily in monetary terms.