Finding the Time for Organization

Re-organizing a retail store may be desperately needed to give it a new look and make sure everything has a place, but it can be hard to find the time to actually get it done. Even smaller stores will take a bit of time to rearrange and organize, and it’s not a good idea to interrupt the flow of business any more than it has to be. Store owners who are ready to tackle the organization of their store may want to consider the following options for when to get it done.

Work During the Day

It’s possible to work on organizing the store during the day. During slower periods, work on one part at a time to get it organized. The key is to minimize the interruption to the business while making sure all of the tasks get done to fully organize the store. This can mean blocking aisles or having some products unavailable for a day or two, however, so it can mean a reduction in sales for the time it takes to get the job done. Still, for many store owners, this may be the best option, provided it’s planned out carefully.

Close for a Day or Two

Some store owners may want to close for a day or two to get the whole store reorganized at once. If there are other renovations to be done, like painting, this may be a good option. It is going to mean a couple of days of lost sales, but it could lead to a grand re-opening once the organization is done and can be used for marketing the store to increase sales in the future. Plan out the number of days to close carefully to make sure all of the work can get done.

Work on Organization at Night

Organizing after the store closes for the night can minimize the interruptions to the business and allow the work to get done without being in the way. However, the downsides to this are working all night and making sure the store is cleaned and ready to open again in the morning. It may take more than one night to do everything, so a plan should be in place for getting the store ready to open and then getting back to work once it closes.

Combine Options

Sometimes, the best option is to combine some of the above options. Store owners may work during the day to organize the back rooms, then work on the sales area during the night to get it all done. This can minimize the number of interruptions to the store, but this does need to be planned carefully to make sure everything gets done.

Re-organizing can be a bit more complicated in a store compared to a home because of the potential for interruptions to the business. However, it is possible to get it done. If you’ve got a small store and you’re not sure where to start or you want to make sure you’re minimizing the interruptions to your business, talk to a professional about re-organizing your store today.