Description and characteristic of Juice filling machines

Automatic rinsing

  1. Fixed structure, impeccable control system and easily to operate and maintain.
  2. Professional cleaning machine for the empty plastic bottle.
  3. Reliable cleaning theory and spray method for rinsing the inside and outside of bottles.
  4. When changing the bottles, only the need to adjust a few spare parts, no other accessory machine need to change; this machine is suitable for rinsing PET bottles, can be used for large-size and further developing the enterprise, not only for the whole filling line, but also for separate work;

Automatic filling

  1. The machine can fill PET bottle which can be 20L.
  2. The filling valve uses German advanced technology, even with bottles of running speed 5000 per hour, our machine can fill stably and exactly;
  3. All the filling accessory have been well polished, and have nice appearance, fast filling speed, without any leakage;
  4. The machine is equipped with the unidirectional anti-reverse rotation clutch device. When it overloads, the clutch will slide to stop the machine, so that the machine can operate normally.

Automatic capping

  1. The capping machine is suitable for plastic screw cap, aluminum screw cap, pressing big cap, etc. which is mainly used in the drinking of NO – gas bottled by PET;
  2. The capping machine has stable transmission system, large sealing performance, easy operation, convenient maintenance character.


The hot filling machine is the monoblock in-1 for rinsing, filling of standard 3 with pulp juice and capping, when for the state of special production, another filling of pulp could be added, which is the 4-in-1 monoblock. The system fully considered the characteristics of the drink (such as skimming the tea drink and mixed juice) and the technical imperative of hot filling. You can visit juice filling machine.

Detail of Machine

1, full filling is to avoid bottles from going down after the bottles cooling, and decrease dissolved oxygen to the greatest degree.

2, reasonable structured storage hopper and material supply circuit keep the material in constant flow speed, constant pressure and without skimming. The usually high position tank is adopted.

3, the storage hopper has the characteristic of gas discharge, full sealing and temperature detection. In the moderate and high-speed production chain, the material distributor replaces the large liquid tank to achieve the full CIP.

4, sanitary filling main system is of umbrella structure, high filling speed.

5, perfect filling temperature control system.

Competitive advantage:

  • Fully automatic rinsing, filling and covering by PLC control;
  • No bottle no rinsing;
  • With high filling speed and precise liquid level.
  • All product contact parts are made of qualified stainless steel, which is portable, stable with less malfunction.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • PLC and transducers and other main electrical parts are world famous brands, such as OMRON, MITSUBISHI etc.
  • The equipment is highly mature, boasting fast and accurate spare parts services.

The machines pay great attention to technology, such as beer processing and filling technology, high viscosity filling technology, glass bottle water filling technology.

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