Choosing the media databases, what to look for?

Media databases were once upon a time preserve of the PRs. But today they are important in digital marketer’s career. Media databases help in filtering contacts and sales leads not only quickly but accurately thus potentially saving lot of time.

So if you are considering PR media databases you need to look at the big players in the market and determine how to find some of the promising media databases to suit your needs.

So what should you look for from the Media Databases Software? Know your needs. Are you going to do influencer marketing in addition to press release distributions marketing? Are you interested in bloggers or journalists? 

There are some platforms that are good at finding influencers through social media while some have traditional approach and are good in finding mainstream media outlets and journalists. When choosing media databases platform, you need to take this into consideration. 

It doesn’t make sense to pay for a service that will find bloggers if you are going to be targeting media outlets.

Also consider the amount of data you want. When choosing media databases, you have to consider size of the databases as well as the license you can pay for them. Some databases will take payment based on geographic targeting while some charge one fee for access to worldwide database.

Also keep in mind your brand and the work you do. It helps in looking into databases with geographic targeting if your business is targeted at a particular country or region.

Read reviews 

Take time to read reviews and experiences of others. Read both the positive and negative testimonials. Knowing what others have to say about it and their perspectives will help you rework on your priorities, whether it is buying or not.

Go for Free trial

If you are given a hands-on demo first from the media database platform for free, do not hesitate to grab it. Go for the free trial and study it.

Keep in mind your business needs and study the platforms insightfully and see for features that may offer you additional benefits you didn’t know you actually needed. Some of them offer press release distributions, SEO analytics, tracking of page rank, link analysis and even generation of sales leads. Choosing the media databases with extra features means on cost grounds they will be effective.

So what are some of the best media databases out there? Definitely there are many good ones out there but what works the best for me need not work the same way for you. To say, there isn’t no one size fits all solution. You need to study thoroughly what works the best for you and go for it. 

With the advent of social media, most businesses are changing gears and are now moving off the traditional marketing to generate sales leads. Media outlets continue to offer services in press release distributions and influencer marketing. You need to rethink your business priorities in tapping on the latest trends.