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UV boards are a unique concept which has a vast use in the commercial sector as well as the house sector.In many shops and different stores and restaurant UV board is being used for displaying things. Example in restaurants it is used to display the different kinds of food. And in various stores that is used to display other valuable stuffs for example, expensive jewellery, handbags, electronic gadgets etc. But despite from this usage, UV boards are also used in household.

You can click on website for further details For example, instead of opting for the regular wooden table you can experiment with a glass table which is made by using this UV board technique. The same thing goes for a coffee table.

Nowadays most of the households have glass coffee tables.

How UV boards are being made for different purposes

This is a unique technique which is being made by engaging light to adhesive; it can also be glass to glass or glass to metal. This technique not only makes the glass stronger but it is very hard to break. Swipe in jewellery stores and other places for expensive things are kept, UV boards are being used. UV boards have uses in other things such as the sliding doors and windows thatare used in making any structures.

Basically in glasses UV coating is being given for further protection. This helps in preventing any kind of sensor or invisible lights.These UB boards are not prone to scratches, anti-fogging, microbial resistance and chemical resistance.

 Features of UV board

  • These UV boards are very strong and it lasts for a very long time. There is no question about its durability as the technology that is being used makes the glass pieces much stronger than its previous stage.
  • One glass piece is attached to another glass piece to make the UV board and at the same time the glass pieces are attached to metal or wooden pieces in order to make the UV boards. So when these two materials are getting attached and turning into a UV board then its strength is increasing then its original form.
  • With strong glass pieces more stronger and durable UV boards can be made.
  • The unique styles can be added by using frosted glass to create the dotted effect.
  • The best part is that after the whole thing is cured it leaves no dresses of glue marks or anything and turns into a neat product.

You can also customise it with your name and other features.