Can a Non-Resident Open a Savings Account with Top Banks in Hong Kong? 

Hong Kong banks allow everyone to open an account with them under some conditions. If you are a non-resident and are willing to open a bank account, you may have to deposit a large initial amount. Every bank in Hong Kong wants to work with people with high network. Hence people who are looking for incorporating Hong Kong based companies or businesses are always welcomed by the Hong Kong banks such as ABN-AMRO, Citibank, HSBC, BNP Paribas, Santander.

Top Banks where a Non-Resident Can Open an Account

Though there are hundreds of banks in Hong Kong, it is always better to have an account with top banks since they provide more facilities to their customers as compared to other banks. For example, as a non-resident of Hong Kong, you are allowed to open an account in DBS. DBS is the largest bank in Southeast with millions of customers. This bank has many customized programs for non-residents. Apart from that, as a non-resident, you can apply for opening an account online or you can directly come to the branch to open a savings account. This bank provides multicurrency accounts, debit cards which will remain free of charge for the next two years. It has many ATMs throughout the world.

The next best bank where you can open international bank account for Hong Kong Company as a non-resident is OCBC. The best thing about this bank is that you do not need an initial deposit amount and you do not have to maintain any minimum balance in your account. However, this bank also comes with an option Statement Saving account and 360 accounts where there is a minimum deposit of S$1000 and you will hence need to maintain a minimum balance.

UOB is another best bank where you can approach as a non-resident for opening an account. This bank provides you an interest of 3.33% yearly. You can also get huge cashback on each purchase of its debit card. This bank also offers a special discount for overseas students and provides a free credit card as well.