The Tricycle That you Would Prefer

One Major advantage, the assistance can be deactivated and the tricycle behaves as if it were not equipped with an electric assistance, you can activate or deactivate the system whenever you want by pressing a simple button.

The importance of guarantees

Be careful to find out about the conditions and duration of guarantees. A tricycle with high guarantees allows you to save money over time because it has been designed more robustly and with quality components, you will be more serene in case of need for after sales service. A tricycle is a long-term investment, like buying a car. Some manufacturers are even starting to commit to repair times for their product, thus guaranteeing you the possibility of repairing your tricycle even several years later.

The different equipment:

Make sure your tricycle has the equipment you need, some examples:

  • Does the battery have enough autonomy compared to your use?
  • Does your tricycle have disc brakes, which we think is compulsory in hilly regions?
  • Does it have a suspension for more comfort?
  • Does it have good electrical pedaling assistance, with a large, readable LCD screen?

These are important questions to ask yourself to be sure you are making the right choice.

If you need more precise information, or if you cannot find all the information on the internet, it is essential to call a specialist who can advise you according to your needs.

The tricycle does not ride like a classic bike contrary to popular belief. Indeed, the stability of the tricycle at low speed is much higher than a conventional bike, due to its three supports. On the other hand, at higher speed the classic bike will be more stable thanks to kinetic energy. But then, how to properly understand your tricycle, even if you have already cycled?

Position on an adult tricycle

The most suitable position to start with is to sit properly on the saddle, with your back straight, so that your center of gravity is as centered as possible between your three wheels. Very often during the first use the tricycle will tend to steer slightly to the right or to the left, this is the sign of an incorrect position of your center of gravity. It is imperative to keep the position as perpendicular as possible to the road.

Trust the tricycle

The first turns in a tricycle are often disturbing because instinctively we are tempted to lean towards the inside of the turn. On an adult tricycle, you have to learn to trust its stability. To tackle a tricycle turn, you must keep your center of gravity centered between the three wheels, and simply turn your handlebars in the desired direction. It is therefore important to reduce your speed before changing direction.

The maintenance of a tricycle is the same as for a traditional bicycle. Don’t worry, it’s not because there are 3 wheels that the tricycle is more complicated to maintain. The life of the tricycle depends on its use, storage and maintenance. The more you use your tricycle the more regular it will need to be maintained. We explain how to maintain it well.

Tricycle Adult Woman 60 years maintenance advice

At letricycle-adulte.fr, we make a point of delivering your fully assembled and adjusted tricycle. When you receive it, it is ready to use and we have carried out all the checks on the safety clamps (wheels, pedals, saddle, stem, brake cables, etc.), as well as the adjustments necessary for the proper functioning of the bicycle (derailleur, brakes, lighting). You just have to adapt your tricycle to your size thanks to the saddle, and go for a ride.