Best Details for the Farm to Fork Festival

An aspect that should not be neglected is the early choice of the restaurant for the festival, being recommended to do so even one year before the event. Otherwise you may have the unpleasant surprise of not finding the desired free date, or in the worst case, no longer being available for the festival at your favorite restaurant. Here are some recommendations.

Obviously, the restaurant must fit the size of the Sacramento Farm to Fork Festival. Try to choose the restaurant that offers a large, generous space, whose room has the most classic “hall“(square or rectangular). Without construction in E, L, T, with columns,walls,partitions, etc. Also, when deciding on a restaurant for the festival you have to take into account the predominant color (carpet,curtains,and chairs). Make the room to be bright, decorated in warm colors favorable for the qualitative production of the pictures and filming. Keep in mind the acoustics of the room. Make sure the walls are arranged, the windows have curtains, which helps to improve the acoustics. You should also check the restaurant safety tips.

The Essence of the Restaurant

It is very important that the dance floor is centrally located (with maximum visibility), where any moment can be seen in the eyes of all, not just those who were first there. Keep in mind that if there are more lounges, people who do not see what is happening on the dance floor, slowly, will isolate themselves, will not attend the party. Also, it is recommended that the ring should be parquetted because the carpet hides many unpleasant surprises during the dance you can prevent or you can clog the shoes, but it is not really impossible to dance and it is preferable to tiles. For the Sacramento restaurants this is important.

  • The position of the chair should allow a good view to any corner of the hall, the place of the bar and the position of the dance floor.
  • The most successful meals are the round ones, of 8 persons. In this way the guests will be relaxed at the table and can socialize or feel with 7 other people (preferably their acquaintances orfriends).

The air conditioning must exist and be positioned so as not to disturb the guests. Be aware that many restaurants do “economy“air conditioning or it does not cope when more than 30 people dance. Also a problem is cigarette smoke (for many), this about the ventilation of the room or even the possibility of opening some windows, without disturbing the neighbors with loud music and waking up with the police in the middle of the festival.