A Guide On The Use Of Lifting Chain Slings

Slings are considered to be one of the vital lifting gears, which are used in different industries where there is a need for lifting heavy loads. Different types of lifting gears and equipment ranges are needed to lift any type of load. So, considering the demand, there are different types of slings available. The lifting chain slings are one of those. These are widely used in situations where lifting heavy loads are required like in the aircraft, construction, or shipping industry. And these slings are highly popular due to their durability, versatility, and high strength.

So, if your business needs a sling that can handle heavy-duty and rough lifting, then chain slings will undoubtedly be the best solution. The features of these slings allow these to stand up to regular use.

Some More Details About Chain Slings:

The chain slings are known for their sturdy nature. Therefore, these are very popular for very heavy loads. Therefore, the lifting chain slings are often used on the construction sites for picking up different types of heavy loads like building materials, concrete slabs, skip bins, pipes, and more. And the best thing about these slings is that these are available in various lengths, which come with different types of efficient and high tensile elements. Some of the most popular types of chain slings are:

  • Chain slings 4 Legs
  • Chain slings 3 Legs
  • Chain slings 2 Legs
  • Chain slings Single Leg

Apart from the types, the chain slings are also available with different fittings and components for different requirements of weightlifting in different industries.

What Makes Chain Slings Popular?

Versatility and durability are the two main factors that make the chain slings popular for performing different types of lifting operations. Besides, here the configuration also differs from one requirement of lifting to another. Therefore, taking proper care is important to choose the right type for your needs. It is better to follow the website of the manufacturer to know more about each type of chain sling. For instance, if you need chain slings 2 legs, then you must learn the important details about these slings from the website before using it. You can easily check the details like features, configuration, and the specifications of the slings from the manufacturer’s website.

Now let’s get some information about the major factors that make the chain slings so popular:

  • Versatility:
  • These chain slings can even be constructed at the site.
  • These slings can easily be adjusted as and when required.
  • These slings can be repaired easily, and these are also completely repairable.
  • These slings can be inspected easily.
  • Durability:
  • Thelifting chain slings can easily resist kinking, crushing, cuts, and abrasions, and impact.
  • These can easily resist UV radiation and different chemicals.
  • These don’t get affected adversely by dirty or oily environments.
  • These offer a long service life compared to other types of slings.
  • These slings can easily resist -40ºF thru 400ºF without any WLL.