The Right Definition of the Accredited Investor

The preservation of capital is an objective highly sought after by well-to-do families, particularly by those residing in regions with risks of economic and political crisis.

In this article we go through what does it mean by an accredited investor in Singapore, as well as the things they can do. 

The Individuals and Their Chances

Indeed, as an individual or high net worth investor living in a country whose future seems uncertain, various options are available to you to preserve your financial wealth: stock market investments, geographic diversification, investments in real estate, etc.

But there is a financial niche that increasingly attracts well-heeled investors seeking to avoid unpredictable fluctuations in the stock markets as we have experienced them for several years: these are exempt market financial products, which are part of the investments alternative.

 An accredited investor in Singapore is able to do the below mentioned activities. These also define him and his works. Here we will talk about these matters in order to provide a complete picture of the whole process. So let us have a look

An alternative to classic products

Products in the exempt market are highly sought after by high net worth investors who want to further diversify their investments in a flexible and different model capable of generating positive returns regardless of stock market conditions. Highly sought after by high net worth investors, these products offer a real and innovative alternative to distance themselves from more common products. In order to benefit from this investment strategy, investors must, among other things, be accredited.

What is an accredited investor in Singapore?

To find out if you are an accredited investor, you must meet certain financial requirements. Here are a few (you qualify if you meet at least one of these requirements):

Hold at least $ 1 million net financial assets (including bank accounts and investments), or

Hold more than $ 2 million in net assets (including properties, shares in a company, etc.), or

Have a personal annual income of over $ 200,000 for at least 2 years, or

Have a couple’s income of more than $ 300,000 for at least 2 years, or

Own a company with net assets of at least $ 5 million.

Choose the product that meets your needs

It should also be noted that the exempt products are financial products not traded on the stock markets and not subject to the publication of prospectuses. And since their characteristics are very varied, it is important to choose the right product that best meets your needs; in fact, depending on your risk tolerance, your needs in terms of access to your liquid assets and other aspects that are of particular interest to you, you will choose products in accordance with your particular needs.

A Few More Words

These products are offered exclusively by registered brokers in the exempt market through the Securities Administrators.

An expert broker will have already done a thorough verification of the exempt product that he will offer you; you will thus be able to take advantage of this alternative field full of innovative opportunities that will help you preserve part of your assets, and therefore your future.