Smart Details for the Perfect Pharmacy Drug Usage Now

When choosing a pharmacy to buy our medicines, several factors must be taken into consideration, especially when dealing with a handling pharmacy.We have listed tips to assist you in this important mission. Check out. For the use of the eDrugSearch this is the perfect bit.

Site organization and cleaning

A reliable handling pharmacy should always be clean and organized to serve its customers. Note dust on counter tops, wall corners, floor cleaning. A well-organized and clean reception is a sign that the laboratory and areas where the public does not have access are also clean and organized.

Gift pharmacist

According to Law, also known as the Drug and Drug Trade Sanitary Control Act, a “responsible technician registered with the Regional Pharmacy Council” is required throughout the opening hours of the establishment, including the lunch time.

Visible Permits

Also under the law, all pharmaceutical establishments must maintain the business license, sanitary license and also the Certificate of Regularity of the Regional Pharmacy Council in places visible to the public. These documents are a guarantee that the site has been inspected and meet all required requirements.

Quality Control Report

According to Collegiate Board Resolution No, all handling pharmacies must have a laboratory with quality control, and must perform tests before marketing the raw materials. Request the quality control report, if it is easily provided, you will be assured that the pharmacy lab of your choice has a quality control that works properly.


A huge difference when choosing a handling pharmacy to order your medicines is the technology used to produce them. Items such as the computer-monitored weighing system help identify barcode raw materials, ensuring handling without human error.

The pharmacy should offer pharmaceutical assistance. Make sure the pharmacist is present. He is the professional who is able to give the correct guidance about your medicine.

  • Demand a good service
  • Observe the hygiene of the establishment and its staff
  • Demand punctual delivery of your medicine

Do not buy products handled at doctors’ offices, beauty clinics, SPAs or gyms. The official and legal establishment for the sale of these products is the handling pharmacy;

Refuse to send your prescription directly from the office or clinic by fax or email to a pharmacy. Use your right of free choice;

Only at the pharmacy will you have the necessary pharmaceutical assistance provided by the pharmacist responsible for preparing your product.

Meet the pharmacist

Following a prescription is always easier if you ask for help from a pharmacist. He is the trained professional to give information about medications, how to use, adverse reactions, drug and food interactions. The pharmacist is always available to answer your questions and guide you regarding your treatment.

Duties of the pharmacist

  • Inform health professionals about medications
  • Guide customers and the general public on the use of pharmaceutical products
  • Properly inform clients and the general public about undesirable (side) effects of pharmaceutical products and monitor their use in collaboration with other health professionals
  • Contribute to the improvement of the quality of life
  • To act in the prevention of diseases.