How to Buy Bitcoin with Visa Gift Card

The market for Cryptocurrency has potentially increased over time. The popularity of investing in digital currency has now become a household practice. Due to the widespread popularity and investment the cryptocurrency industry is receiving, the procedure for buying these currencies has become easier and more diverse.

In a recent development, which came as a blessing to all the cryptocurrency investors was that now Bitcoins could also be bought using Visa Gift Card. Visa Gift Cards are like any debit/credit card. Funds are deposited into the Visa Gift Card account. The card can then be used anywhere, till the time there is balance in the card. With every purchase, the amount gets deducted from the card balance.

How to Buy Bitcoin with Visa Gift Card?

Most Bitcoin exchange sites allow the use of Visa Gift Cards to buy Bitcoins. The procedure stays very simple and involves a few steps. For a detailed explanation on the topic, you can follow

To buy bitcoin with a Visa Gift Card, the very first requirement is to possess a Visa Gift Card. Visa Gift Cards can be easily purchased from your bank or online.

Procedure to Buy Bitcoins using Gift Card

  1. Visit a Cryptocurrency exchange website that allows you to buy bitcoin with a Visa Gift Card.
  2. Get yourself registered on the website. While registration, the site may ask for some of your personal information for verification purposes. Make sure the information you provide should match with the information registered on your Gift Card.
  3. Once your account is created and you have logged in, you will be able to see a Buy/Sell option located somewhere on the screen. Click on that.
  4. As the tab opens, click on the Add Account option’ and choose‘Debit Card’. Then type in the details of your Visa Gift Card. Add that as a payment method.
  5. After your card is added, select the cryptocurrency you want to buy. In this case select Bitcoin.
  6. Enter the value of real money you want to get Bitcoin for. The number of Bitcoins gets displayed. Then finally click on the buy option to confirm.

Buying cryptocurrency using Visa Gift Card is easy. Just be sure about the sites you are buying from. With this development, the digital currency industry is likely to grow even faster.