Few Different Types of Fabric Weaving Machines

Weaving machines are generally used for making products like upholstery fabric, silk, or ornate carpets. You can divide them into 3 types:

  • Shuttle
  • Circular
  • Narrow fabric

The majority of these machines are meant for commercial use and need a bit of training and also a little mechanical knowledge for using them. For any arts and crafts weaving, still, handheld knitting machines can be the best way that can also be weaved at home.

India is also quite well known for the finest hand-woven fabrics. You will find many rapier loom manufacturers in India from where such machines can be imported.

The following are a few different types of fabric weaving machines.

1.     Shuttle loom

This loom is one of the oldest types of weaving loom that uses a shuttle that contains a certain bobbin of filling yarn and that appears through a hole located in the side.

2.     Shuttle less loom

These are the following kinds of shuttle less looms that are used for weaving.

  • Projectile loom

A kind of weaving machine where the weft thread will be gripped by jaws are fitted in a projectile and then propelled via the shed.

  • Rapier looms

In these machines, the carrying means of your weft via the shed remains fixed at the rigid rod’s end or in a certain flexible ribbon, and this is positively driven.

  • Water jet looms

Here, a water jet will be propelled across your shed with the force, which will take the filling yarn to its other side.

  • Air jet looms

Here, an air jet is projected with the force, that will take the filling yarn to its other side.

  1. Circular looms

Such kind of looms is specially used for tubular fabric instead of flat ones.

  1. Multiphase loom

This type of multiphase loom can form several different sheds at many different places, and thus enable the insertion of many numbers of filling yarns, that will be one behind the other.

  1. Ribbon loom

This type of loom is generally used for making any narrow fabric.

  1. Magazine loom

In this type of automatic loom, where the loom will take the empty bobbin from your shuttle and then automatically replace it with a new and full bobbin into that shuttle again. Such exchange will be made without stopping any loom.

  1. Needle loom

This is another type of weaving machine where the weft will be drawn from a certain stationary supply and will be introduced into your shed in a certain form of double-pick by a certain weft inserter needle.

This weft will be retained at its opposite edge by the knitting action or by introducing a locking thread out of a separate supply.

  1. Box loom

A loom with 2 or more shuttles is used for weaving fabrics that containing weft yarns of different sizes, colours, or twists.

  1. Swivel loom

This type of loom is for narrow fabric like ribbons and tapes, and the picking will be done by a certain special type of smaller shuttle that will be controlled by a certain swivel.