Does Tax Rebate Apply To Me? – Know What Qualifies For Tax Relief 

Over 3.5 million people in UK are estimated to be overpaying tax. If you are currently residing and working in UK or worked there any time during the past 5 years, there are chances that you are eligible to apply for tax refund claim. The amount to be rebated depends on your employment type. 

The process involved in claiming back tax can be quite complicated. You must provide details about your income and financial gains to the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). It can be claimed after every tax year. Tax payers need to be aware of what qualifies for refund. You have paid excess tax than required if:

  • You held more than one job.
  • You weren’t working all through the year. Tax is calculated based on the assumption that you worked the entire year.
  • You were on the incorrect PAYE (Pay as you earn) tax code

Mechanic tax rebate: 

If you are working as a mechanic in UK or if you worked in the UK as a mechanic sometime during the past 4 years, you can claim tax rebate on the expenses involved with carrying out your job. Claim tools tax refund for work equipments you have purchased. Many mechanics carry their own tools for work. Get the help of Tax Rebate Services to initiate tax refund. Save yourself from extra stuff by outsourcing the work to their experts. You can claim for:

  • Cleaning costs of specialised clothing
  • Purchasing or replacing specialised clothing
  • Travel costs incurred when you travel to sites
  • Tools not paid by your employer

Mileage tax rebate:

If you are required to travel to client locations for job-related reasons, you can claim for a refund of those travel expenses. Refund doesn’t include expenses from commuting between home and office. You can claim for:

  • Fuel purchased when travelling to client location
  • Carrying passengers for work-related purposes
  • Travelling between offices

Uniform tax rebate:

If you wear protective and or uniform clothing to work that aren’t provided by your employer, you can claim for tax refund for expenses related to cleaning and maintaining it. It could be a Tee with a company logo or a pilot uniform. You can claim for:

  • Cleaning costs of uniform
  • Purchasing and replacing uniforms
  • Specialised shoes and other clothing items used for work

Healthcare worker tax rebate:

Those working in the health services industry like NHS worker, doctor, nurse and dentist are not limited to tax rebate only for specialised clothing, professional membership fees and travel expenses. You can also claim for:

  • Nurse tights and shoes
  • Union and professional fees
  • Equipment not paid for by the employer

Teacher tax rebate:

Anyone working in the education profession is eligible for teacher’s tax relief. You can claim refund for professional body membership fees, use of your vehicle for work purposes, specialist clothing and equipment. You can claim for:

  • Maintenance and replacement costs of specialist clothing
  • Union and professional fees
  • Equipment not paid by employer

It is annoying to realise that you have been paying more tax than necessary. Claim back the excess amount by getting the help of tax experts.