Department Of Transportation Drug Testing Guide

We can all agree that hundreds of millions of people all across the globe continuously rely on public transportation. The first and most important thing that comes from transportation is the safety that we have to ensure, primarily while operating large vehicles for commercial purposes.

By checking here, you will learn how to prepare for a drug testing. 

It is the responsibility of federal laws to conduct proper testing methods to ensure that everyone who becomes an employee has no criminal record and history of substance abuse.

Generally, if you operate the business as a part of the transportation industry, you will have to comply with the safety standards that come with it. We are talking about the drug-testing program, which is essential for maintaining overall safety that comes with it.

At the same time, DOT screenings can determine the abuse of drugs and alcohol as well. We are talking about different methods, including breathalyzers and saliva tests for alcohol, with an idea to use the proper and certified laboratory for the process.

We have to mention that the procedure is required by individuals that are working at both public and private corporations that have contracts under the authority of the Department of Transportation.

Have in mind that if the tasks are qualifying as safety-sensitive jobs, it means that the process of evaluation is indispensable. Of course, some employees, such as managers and supervisors, are not performing the safety-problematic task, but they still have to undergo the drug test.

DOT Alcohol Testing

Before you undergo a DOT alcohol test, you need to understand the regulations that come with this particular industry. You can find it on the DOT website or other resources as well.

Compared with the DOT drug test, alcohol screenings require finding screening test technicians or STT as well as breathe alcohol technicians. 

We are talking about trained and certified professionals that can conduct this particular type of screening as well as confirmation to avoid false positive or negative results.

Therefore, you will not be able to conduct it by yourself. Still, you need to find professional responsible for transmitting the test results to employers while observing the regulations that come with confidentiality and timelines.

It does not matter if you are a supervisor or employer because you cannot act on behalf of the technician, which is why you need to follow a specific guideline that will help you deal with everything along the way.

You should follow these factors beforehand: 


  • Testing Site – This is the most critical requirement because you need to find a facility that has a green light when it comes to DOT alcohol testing for employees within this particular network. The site needs to have available personnel, materials, equipment, and other facilities that will handle analysis, collection, and other things required for proper results.
  • Forms – Remember that SST records and other documentation that come with screening tests require Alcohol Testing Form. If the test result is 0.02 or higher, it requires the second test by using EBT, and the results will enter the documentation.
  • Equipment – The process of checking for alcohol requires special equipment certified by DOT, including evidential breath testing devices and other things that will help you get everything following the regulations.


Remember that the concentration of alcohol in someone’s breath relates to the concentration of blood. Therefore, having a professional and certified EBT device will help you calculate the levels of alcohol in a person’s system at the point of dealing with it. 

Generally, these results can be used as legal proof in courts as well, which is an important consideration you need to remember.

Differences between DOT and Non-DOT Drug Screening?

Have in mind that DOT drug testing has to be conducted in certified labs by the Department of Health and Human Services. You can find the list on the official website, which is essential to remember to avoid double-checking.

On the other hand, non-DOT screenings are done in other labs that do not come with a particular certification that includes equipment, personnel, and other factors. 

Check out this website: https://www.healthline.com/health/urine-drug-screen and you will learn the process of screening. 

Therefore, it is highly essential to check out whether the facility comes with the certification before you decide to go for testing. 

Using a lab that does not come with certification will not be relevant to the regulations you need to follow, and you can easily reach the legal complications as well.