Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using A Laboratory Freeze Dryer

Laboratory freeze dryer is an equipment used for removing water from delicate, perishable materials, in order to increase their shelf life or make it more convenient for transport. Freeze dryers are one of the best equipment available in the market to make your work flexible and easier. However, people tend to make some common mistakes while using a freeze dryer which can damage your dryer and the material. So here are some common mistakes that must be avoided during the ‘lyophilization process’:

  • Compatibility of the specimen- One of the simple but a common mistake made in many laboratories is that the sample is kept in the freeze dryer without checking its compatibility with the dryer’s specifications. It is important to determine the specimen and needs for the lyophilization before going ahead. When not checked thoroughly, the incompatibility might lead to the diminishing of the freeze-dried specimen and sometimes can also cause damage to the vacuum pump or freeze dryer.
  • Not setting the correct temperature- There are cases when a freeze dryer may take up to weeks for the materials to freeze dry. Usually, people think that their dryer is damaged, which might not be the case. It is important that you set the temperature of the freeze dryer correctly. With inappropriate temperature, the freeze drying is going to take a long time. Hence, make sure in the primary drying, the temperature of the dryer should be just below the material’s eutectic point.
  • Size of the dryer- Before starting with the freeze-drying process, it is important to make sure that the collector size is large enough to oblige the volume of a whole load of material. Starting with the process and then stopping to defrosting the material is not a good choice. So, it is well-advised to check that your equipment is suitable and big enough for the process.
  • Not maintaining the vacuum pumps- This might seem a little irrelevant to the topic, but the flawless working of a vacuum is required in order for freeze drying to work. By running the pump with the gas ballast open 30 minutes before and after the freeze-drying process, will increase the pump life. Also, regularly oiling the pump keeps it pulling at an optimum vacuum during the freeze dry process.

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