What does a stock clerk do?

Stock clerks are employed in retail, departmental, and grocery stores. The primary task of a stock clerk is to move merchandise from the warehouse to the store display shelves. Their duty involves overseeing and organizing stock. They work closely with the management as they have to maintain accurate records regarding all the stocks within the store. Additionally, they are responsible to update records about inventory.

What does a stock clerk do?

The employers receive their merchandise by truck or any other vehicle and stock clerks are responsible for unloading them once they arrive. They are usually involved in signing off on shipments, arranging the goods, unwrapping, and inspecting their quality. The job requires heavy lifting and sometimes they use the forklift to move goods from one place to another. They need to pay attention while arranging the products on shelves and getting them ordered. Clothing has to be grouped by size while perishable food has to be displayed before the expiration date. As most of the warehouse has become advanced these days, they use automation and computers. So the stock clerk must be adept at using the technology. Many of them use the tablet to keep track of the inventory. New sensors and tags allow the computer to detect automatically and the products are moved to make the clerks’ job more competent.

The stock clerk is responsible to perform various other duties:

  • Conduct annual inventory assessment to identify missing products and the items to be ordered
  • Provide customer service to customers who need assistance while displaying products in front of the store
  • Make use of rolling ladders to retrieve items from the stock room
  • Accurately maintain company database
  • Performing new store displays to present special merchandise
  • Report missing or lost inventory to the management
  • They need to set work schedules, estimate the cost, and write special orders for new material.
  • Perform general office duty like entering data and checking the mails
  • Maintain contact with vendors ensuring the supplies are shipped on time
  • Keeping a track of record about an incoming and outgoing shipment
  • Verifying the quantity and quality of items and checking for defects

Some of the tasks can be performed when the store is opened but unloading stocks may have to do it late at night. Shift will be available round the clock so the job demands professionals who can work at various shifts. Employers will expect the professional to be hard working and good in handling customers. To be a stock clerk, you need to be physically fit. You will be required to lift heavy items, stooping, bending, and even climbing ladders.

How to become a store clerk?

A store clerk usually needs to have completed a high school diploma and trained on the job. Even qualified graduate candidate can apply for this position. There are no formal education requirements for this role.

Education – They must have passed a high school diploma or equivalent and must have basic knowledge about computer applications. They need to have experience working with software such as Microsoft Excel and company spreadsheet programs.

Training – The stock clerk usually learns their work on the job. Training will be provided to them may be less than a month. Production, planning can take several months. First, the clerk will be assigned to count the stock and mark the inventory and then they will be asked to perform difficult tasks such as record keeping. A production clerk has to understand how the company operates before they start writing production and work schedules.

Advancement – With additional training or higher education, the clerks may advance to enviable position within their firm like a purchasing agent. If they have a degree in sales and marketing, they can move into the sales department.

Essential skills required

  • The professional needs to have great communication skills. They are frequently in contact with suppliers, vendors, and production managers. So they must be capable to communicate effectively with others.
  • Stock clerks regularly interact with customers inside the store. So they must possess superb customer service skills. They should be able to understand customer’s needs and requirements and provide them the item available within the store.
  • They must possess math skills and should be able to calculate shipping costs or take measurements.
  • They should maintain attention to details and must be an expert working in a fast-paced environment.
  • Interpersonal skill is also essential as they need to work in a team to maintain and organized stockroom.
  • They must possess the problem-solving skill and prioritize daily tasks according to their importance.
  • Record keeping skill is essential to maintain accurate data for managers and supervisors related to stockroom inventory.
  • A stock clerk must have personal accountability and integrity, as they need to access to valuable inventory.

Career path for stock clerk

The stock clerk can apply for jobs directly to factories, wholesale, retail businesses, hospitals, government agencies, and much more. Professionals who employ for large companies can become invoice clerk, procurement clerk, and stock room, supervisor. In some cases, higher education is needed to become a purchasing agent. Many of the stockrooms are lighted well and maintained cleanliness. They usually work forty hours a week and may need to perform overtime during holiday seasons. Working in a supermarket may lead to career advancement. There are lot f management opportunities you may try for in separate departments. Several years of job training and additional education may help you to get promoted to senior manager level.