The Right Choices for the Proper Tax Refund Now


Through the payment of taxes, the Government obtains income that allows it to regulate the country’s economy. Thanks to the timely payment of these, social investments are made in education, health, public services, security, and the fundamental economic boost for the country.

The Right Options

Tax responsibilities are the different obligations, substantial (payment of taxes) and formal (declarations, presentation of information, registration and updating in the single tax register, RUT, among others), that arise from the fact economic in the head of a natural or legal person (Extracted from Contributing is Building). Making use of the tax refund calculator is a proper option here.

One of the most critical responsibilities is the Income Statement, because it is the one that requires full compliance and honesty by citizens at the time of presenting their income and profits, which as everyone knows, in many cases this is not reflected in the reality. There are still citizens who evade or manipulate the data presented.

What makes Things Work

Given this panorama, it is important to understand that the State fosters a market where each citizen can carry out economic activities freely and responsibly; produce and market goods and services; and make proposals based on the development of society. Against this background, the Government has the obligation to regulate these economic actions and guarantee that citizens comply with their tax obligations.

  • In cases where this legal responsibility is breached, the Government assumes it as a lack of solidarity with the nation where it lives, which leads to the conclusion that the failure to pay taxes is not only an omission of these obligations, but a lack of social responsibility against your responsibilities as a citizen.
  • Therefore, filing tax returns on time is not only part of the legal compliance that all citizens must carry out, but it is a reflection of the ethics that a nation has. The payment of taxes builds trust, ethics, transparency, sustainability and allows the consolidation of a society based on respect for the other and for social development.
  • Finally, it should be noted that when we talk about the arguments that consolidate the importance of declaring taxes, not only must legality matter, but rather we should strengthen societies that act under principles of transparency and ethics, and that strengthen honest and trustworthy economic relationships.

The Last Words

The paying taxes is an important responsibility for every citizen, who have the duty to comply with the appropriate payment thereof under the laws given within each country. Many times we ask ourselves why pay taxes?  The first thing to remember is that this responsibility contributes to improving economic and social situations in the country. In the next post we will analyze this point in more detail so that you become aware of the importance of paying your  taxes .