How to Prepare a Screen Printing Exposure Unit?

If you are trying to design a screen printing exposure unit,and are confused about the technique to do so, here is a perfect way you can handle the process.  It is certainly not an expert task and you can easily design it with little knowledge of designing and construction of tools. The household instruments like drillers and screwdrivers can come in handy in the process. Let us check how you can prepare a screen printing exposure unit.

Preparing your exposure unit is going to be very affordable and reasonable when you design them at your home. Here is the way you can make it.

Ways to make the screen printing exposure unit

Below we have listed the main materials you will need for making this equipment.

·       The materials needed

The reasonable rate of the articles is less and you need a halogen bulb and a metal halide unit. The cost of the bulb is around $100 and $300 respectively. Thick glass is required for the construction of the top of the screening unit. It should be ¼’thick glass which you might need for constructing the unit. The glass that you purchase should be free from optical defects because it is going to be used for photographic purposes. Polish the surface of the glass to keep it clean and make the edges rounded to avoid cuts and injuries.

·       400-watt metal halide unit

This is a brilliant example of a screen printing exposure unit that is designed as the home unit with simple techniques of construction. This unit requires you to burn the screen and which needs to be replaced periodically. The halide bulbs require to be changed regularly and it is easier to maintain. The fan in the system can be replaced once in a while to maintain the efficiency and excellence of performance. The unit is used for commercial purposes and saves a lot of time for the users compared to the traditional screen printing unit.

Wrapping it up

Construction of the device at home saves a lot of resources and expenditure which you may otherwise procure while purchasing the prebuilt unit from the market and the shops.