Dremel Attachments. Devices that come with your Dremel Drill Package

Following attachments come with your Dremel drill kits:


  • Black nylon bristle brush


This Black Wheel Bristle Brush is truly great for cleaning, as well as if you use brightening compound with it, you can make use of these for brightening. These are specifically great to make use on detailed items of jewelry as it gets into all the difficult to reach locations.


  • Sanding discs


These little Sanding Drums are great for removing rust, paint, hefty rust on metal, or for fining sand and shaping timber, plastics, and softer products. They move onto a mandrel as well as can be fitted well by tightening up the screw at the end with a screwdriver.


  • Rough Discs


The cut off discs are hard, breakable abrasive discs. You can make use of these for removing the top of screw heads, nails, or dealing with things like minerals and plastics. Likewise supplied is the mandrel that these are made to fit. When you connect the disc to the mandrel, make certain not to over tighten it since these discs are fragile as well as will snap easily.


  • Unpleasant Rock


In this package, you obtain an extremely crude orange unpleasant stone. These stone burrs have been available in a huge variety of various colors, grades, dimensions, and various materials such as eco-friendly carbide stone burrs and White Arkansas stone burrs as well as Pink Grinding Rock Burrs.


  • Felt polishing pads


These are used with polishing compounds or ruby paste. The felt pads that feature your Dremel Tools connect to a little screw mandrel. I would suggest if you run out of these things purchase mounted felt points as they are much more durable. Other comparable things you can attempt are a cotton aficionado or a calico wheel.