Benefits of Clear Resin Floor Top Coating


When you are selecting facility flooring systems, your hired installer may enquire whether you want a transparent resin floor coating applied over your selected system. Your installer will explain the benefits of applying the additional finish coat with different kinds of transparent epoxy and other resin depending on the top coatings accessible.

When should you use resin floor coating products for your flooring system?

Epoxy floor systems are applied on almost all types of facility processing concrete flooring along with places with special performance requirements like requirement for slab moisture mitigation, different stages of slip resistance, resistance to acids and other chemicals, abrasion as well as puncture resistance and too much foot or cart traffic.

Transparent, several-colored and monolithic resins flooring solutions are apply in varying environments along with healthcare, restaurant, hospitals and educations facilities, hospitality centers, warehouses, chemical facilities, waste treatment centers, detention centers and production and packaging units.

Transparent epoxy resin flooring coats can offer additional security and longevity to nearly all kind of resinous floor surface, and as per the formulation can offer high performance traits too.

Field Tinting of transparent resin finishes

As concrete flooring sometimes get cracked or damaged, a large part of commercial flooring are tinted by the clear epoxy in the field. A top class appealing pigmented floor covering can hide the repairs and damages of the floor surfaces, whereas the application of a transparent floor finish can focus on the imperfections. So, the preferable option is to use decorative elements with transparent resins floor coating to impart impeccable floor designs. The elements may comprise of colored chip mix, real mica flakes, quartz mix, metallic shimmer pieces or more. However, when a transparent resin floor coating is applied on the colored mixture, it adds to its durability.

Reliable resins flooring producers and their professional installers know which transparent epoxy products are right for base coats which are perfect top coats. They provide you a glossy or satin sheen clear coating or a heavy traffic clear coating for high visitor area.

More advantages of applying clear resin floor coating

Transparent resin [เร ซิ่น หล่อ ใส, which is the term in Thai] can be applied to render extra slip resistance by blending it with suitable fine aggregate or backrolling the medium to wet finishing. You can get heavy traffic clear coats, glossy sheen with top quality ingredients to offer abrasion resistance, stop depreciation and add long life and scratch resistance to your flooring. A transparent topcoat can also offer sacrificial covering to secure the decorative floor or colored floor system below.

As per the sheen, using a transparent epoxy resin floor covering as a finishing coating helps you to get a glossier look on your surface. It adds to reflectivity and brightness in a room and radiates a matte surface to avoid glare for visual benefit.

Super Silicon and Resin Art is proud to supply you with top quality, long lasting resin floor coating which meet a range of requirements. In order to get detailed information on transparent epoxy resin floor coating, contact us.