When Should Divorcing Parents Hire Custody Attorneys?

Divorces are always stressful. When there are children involved, separating from a spouse can become a downright nightmarish situation. Custody attorneys can help to ensure that their clients are doing what’s best for themselves and their children. Consider hiring a custody lawyer an absolute must if any of the following situations apply.

The Child Is in Danger

If there is any chance that a child will be placed in danger by one parent, it’s essential to hire a lawyer. Keep in mind that danger takes many forms. If one parent is threatening or may try to physically harm the child, it’s obvious that a restraining or protective order should be placed. Don’t hesitate to call 911. If the parent is emotionally abusive or neglectful, that can be just as harmful and still indicates the need for hiring a custody attorney.

The Case Has Special Circumstances

Litigating family law cases can lead to complex legal battles. If there are special circumstances such as a child with disabilities or severe emotional issues, it’s important to hire a lawyer. Experienced attorneys can make sure their clients’ vulnerable children are protected and may be able to expedite the custody assignment process.

One Parent Plans to Move Out of State

If one parent lives in a different state or plans to move out of state, it can create a lot of complications when it comes to custody and visitations. Each state has different regulations regarding child custody. A custody lawyer will be able to resolve complications so that parents who live in different states can maintain joint custody or work out visitation schedules.

The Other Parent Has an Attorney

Custody battles can be long, drawn-out, stressful affairs. If the other parent has already hired an attorney to represent his or her interests, it’s time to start looking into custody lawyers to level the playing field. Attempting to handle a custody case without legal representation decreases the chances of a positive outcome.

The Other Parent Is Attempting to Deny Visitation or Custody

Neither parent has a greater right to child custody until after a court has ruled on the case. It’s common for parents to argue about custody and visitation during this intermediary period. If they aren’t able to resolve the situation amicably, it’s time for the parent who is being denied access to his or her child to hire a lawyer. The sooner the affected parent takes this essential step, the sooner he or she will be able to see the child regularly again.

A Lack of Familiarity with Family Law

Navigating a custody case without legal representation requires tons of research and planning. Those who don’t have the time or ability to undertake the level of serious research work required to develop an adequate understanding of family law should always hire lawyers.

The Bottom Line

It’s appropriate to hire a lawyer any time a couple decides to divorce. Unless the divorce is unusually amicable, questions about child custody should always be handled by a professional. Custody lawyers can help their clients protect not just their own best interests, but those of their children.