What to Keep in Mind While Installing a Split Air Conditioning?

One must identify the area for the installation of the exterior and indoor unit. The location liked is:

  • It needs to be conveniently approachable from the porch, window, or surface-area system for cleaning, as well as services when called for. Make certain that there is no direct sunshine falling on the exterior unit as it will influence the efficiency of the condenser. If inescapable, better have a sunshade in addition to it.
  • Guarantee that the installation service technician maintains the suggested gap in between the wall, as well as the outdoor unit for the condenser fan electric motor to develop appropriate airflow over the condenser.
  • There are two pipes of cooling agent connected to the outdoor unit, one bringing the air to be cooled as well as an additional taking away the cool air for cooling your home. You should have seen black foam type insulation called Rubatex, as well as generally, the installation service technician does not ensure the insulation from the pipe as well as always leave some parts open. One should enjoy as well as make sure appropriate insulation, otherwise, it will influence condensation, as well as water-dropping during solution and loss of effectiveness.
  • The condensate from the indoor unit will be collected in the drainpipe pad and moved without obstruction or else it will cause water leak as well as damages to the wall calling for substantial fixings.
  • The placing of the indoor device will be on the wall to make sure that the airflow is not routed towards the primary door of the room; however, away or sidewards or else the leak of chilly air from the space will enhance. 

Final checking as well as dimensions:

Examine the succeeding the installation is finished:

  • Input voltage
  • The power is taken by the equipment when the compressor is running and when the compressor is not running. The power taken when the compressor is running is pointed out on the nameplate of the system and shall not be essential and be within plus/minus 5%.
  • The temperature at the suction side, as well as the temperature on the discharge side.

Keeping a record of these measurements helps in reviewing the following solution. As a matter of fact, whenever you observe the power consumption in a month is greater than the matching month, there is every possibility the air conditioning requires servicing, and a record of these parameters will help.

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