What Kind of Remote Option You Would Select

The main utility given to remote desktops is to access computers to troubleshoot failures in them, however they are also used to access office equipment while the person in charge or the person with sufficient privileges is elsewhere.

Situations where it is very useful

Editing videos and photos with a real computer

If we are traveling with a laptop with a modest performance, but you need to do a photo or video editing. If we connect remotely with the work team at home, we will only need to transfer the files we want to work with from our laptop to the PC. In Action1 you can have the best support now.

Remote technical assistance

If we run into problems with our equipment we can request help from technical support and they could help us by creating a remote connection. Also in another case if we have a friend who needs help through a remote connection we can help him.

File transfer without overloading the suitcase

If we have little space on our travel computer, or we simply want to make sure that we will have our documents, photos or videos safe on our home computer, the remote connection is also useful. The programs usually incorporate functionalities to transfer files within the application itself.


A very attractive use of remote connections is teleworking. Here we depend on whether the company in which we develop our professional work has this formula contemplated, but if so, we can do part of our tasks from home or from any other place where there is an Internet connection.

General requirements for remote access

  • In order to establish a remote desktop connection, some technical aspects must be taken into account:
  • Remote control of a computer can only be achieved if it is connected to the same network or to the Internet.
  • You need to ensure that the server is operational at the time the connection is created and that the network connection is working.
  • Also take care that the remote desktop configuration is activated on the server.

It is recommended to ensure that you can access the network in question externally and that you have the rights to create the connection to the remote desktop. This can be achieved by specifying a remote desktop user in the user list and having a password to establish the connection.

Remote access software

Windows remote desktop

Remote Desktop is a Windows utility that allows you to fully use and manage a computer from another location, either distant or close, as long as there is some kind of connection between them. Formerly called Terminal Services, today it is part of the operating system.

Remote Desktop shows us on the monitor the desktop of the connected computer, either in a window with reduced dimensions, the original measurements of the equipment, or in full screen, this allows us to feel exactly the same as if we were sitting in front of said equipment. Through remote desktop you can use all the programs, applications, files and resources of the remote computer.