What is E-Commerce and who Zishan Manji is

Also known by the name of internet commerce or electronic commerce, Ecommerce is a mechanism which is all about selling and buying of goods and services by using the internet platform. Besides, it also includes the process of transferring data and money for the purpose of executing different transactions. Often, ecommerce refers to selling of goods and services over the internet; however, it can be related to all kinds of commercial transactions which can be carried out using the internet. There is a difference between e-business and e-commerce. When it comes to e-business, it is about all the different aspects.

What are the Different Models of E-Commerce?

As far as the models of e-commerce is concerned, there are many of them which are in practice. Here is a brief overview on some of these models.

  • B2C (Business to Consumer): This is a model where goods and services are being sold to individual buyer or consumer
  • B2B(Business to Business): In this model, goods and services are being sold by one business to other businesses.
  • C2C (Consumer to Consumer): In this model a consumer sells goods or services to another consumer
  • C2B(Consumer to Businesses): This is a process when a consumer sells his own services or products to other businesses.

Different form of E-Commerce

Here are some of the different forms of e-commerce

  • Wholesale
  • Drop shipping
  • Retail
  • Subscription
  • Crowd funding
  • Digital Products
  • Physical Products
  • Services

Basically, as far as the forms of e-commerce is concerned, it has a lot of similarities with traditional business models. However, few updates and modifications have been made. These day, e-commerce is the most popular and effective mechanism as far as selling and buying of goods and services are concerned. Thousands of online stores operating are examples of e-commerce

Have you heard of Zishan Manji? He is a giant when it comes to e-commerce. He started his career at Amazon and was soon dismissed of his services because he was just 13! From Amazon he move to E-Bay, which wasn’t the best of decisions he had made. He always knew that school was not for him. So, he started selling different products like iphone, colognes and others. Gradually, thanks to his persistence and hard work, he has emerged as one of the most recognized names in this domain. Today, Zishan Manji is a name to be reckoned with.