What Are The Benefits Of Bespoke Boxes?

More and more products are being sold online. Orders are thus sent by post, packed in parcels. The reception can sometimes be risky because of the various manipulations that the packaging undergoes. More and more companies are opting for custom-made cardboard boxes to ensure their proper reception. But when and for whom is it worth switching to tailor-made boxes and packaging Small Boxes? And what are the advantages of this type of cardboard for the company?

Made-To-Measure Boxes: Saving Space And Costs

The disadvantage of standard-size boxes is that they are not suitable for the product. For this reason, products are regularly packed and shipped in bulky boxes. Consumers do not appreciate that their online purchases are delivered in oversized boxes, especially when they must pay the shipping costs themselves. If the shipping box is too small for the product to ship, this can also lead to complications. The box may burst during transport, and the product may be damaged. It is, therefore, important that the product’s size matches the shipping carton’s dimensions.

Great importance should also be attached to environmentally friendly packaging, and the size of the box such as a Brandt Box for example plays a role that should not be underestimated. Custom boxes are the optimal solution when you offer many products of the same size.

Properly sized packaging saves costs, makes customers happy, and is also good for the company’s image and brand. Custom-made boxes, perfectly matched to the size of the product, look higher quality and more professional.

Goods Protected During Transport

When it comes to packaging, stability plays an important role. A custom box is the best choice if you want to buy a strong box to send fragile items. Regarding environmental protection, bespoke cardboard scores point over other packaging materials, such as plastic. First, it should be mentioned that cardboard is made from 100% recyclable materials.


Without the bespoke cardboard boxes, it would not be possible to safely transport goods while grouping them into convenient shipping units and ensuring the freshness and integrity of the goods. Custom-made cardboard boxes protect against transport and storage damage. Their high stability and low weight enable efficient storage and wide and economical distribution of goods.

The custom-made cardboard box is more environmentally friendly in production and use. After use, bespoke cardboard packaging can be folded flat and returned to the material cycle at a lower cost. This is how new boxes are made again and again from old boxes. The functionality and economy of the boxes as tailor-made cardboard transport packaging are the basis for the good relationship of trust between the cardboard supplier and its customers.