If your work involves moving, loading, and unloading heavy material, then you might be considering getting a forklift. It is often difficult to decide whether you should buy a forklift or rent one, as it is a heavy investment. Forklift Rental Toronto is always a better idea. It lets you make the best use of the forklift by increasing your productivity without incurring any upfront costs or maintenance charges. When you are looking to rent a forklift, you should research the different companies and their reputation. When you are looking to rent a forklift, there are certain things which you should consider.

Weight capacity requirements

When you are looking to rent a forklift, the first thing that you should consider is your weight requirement, as different lifts have different weight capacities. When you are opting for a narrow aisle lift, their weight capacity is compromised for its maneuverability. You would also need to know where the load will be located and whether the lift truck would be able to access it easily or not. You would also have to keep in mind other facts like the shape of the load as irregularly shaped bulky loads impact the weight capacity of the lift.

Height requirements

Lift height requirement is another important specification you should check before deciding which truck life would be used. A four-wheel forklift can safely raise a weight to a height of 20ft. In comparison, specialized trucks can be used to reach a height of 30ft safely. Hence, it is better to measure out the height before you rent a forklift.

Where the forklift would be operated

The kind of lift truck to be used also depends upon the location of the operation condition. If the forklift is to be operated in an outdoor area, you can opt for cheaper diesel-powered trucks. However, this would not be helpful when being used indoors. Even when the forklift is being used outdoors, the terrain’s nature also needs to be kept in mind as some surfaces required specific tires. When you are renting a forklift, these are some conditions that should be kept in mind.


When you decide to rent a forklift, certain factors influence the cost of the rent. A superior lift or a lift that has a specialized function would have higher rent. While renting, you should also consider the operational costs.

For how long would you need the rental?

The duration of the work also influences the rental option. The forklift rental prospects vary from a day, week, month, and year and somewhere in between these options. Depending on your rental needs, you can find a plan which fits perfectly and will not have you holding the forklift for longer than you need it. Longer rental periods have lesser charges. While renting a forklift, you might want to check out the overtime charges. Also, find competitive rates and over the periods you want to use the forklift.