Tools That Will Come In Handy While Working From Home

After the pandemic, a particular phrase has become significantly trending — new normal. Apart from masks and sanitizers, one of the biggest components of this ‘new normal’ is working from home.

Since it had become impossible for most people to work from the office, they had to create a home office and carry out their day-to-day tasks from there. However, while at home, employees tend to miss out on a lot of facilities that they would have been privy to had they been at the office.

While we cannot provide you with those privileges, we can present you with a comprehensive list of tools that will get you through everything — finding a reliable PDF editor to manage all your projects in one place.


Being unable to assemble at the office, one of the most important activities that employees are missing out on is meetings. To bridge that gap, Zoom has been developed as a video-conferencing application. It not only lets the host add as many people as they want to, but it also allows every member to share their screen and present the weekly updates.

Needless to say, it is one of the most broadly used tools accessed by employees all over the world.


Most of the documents are now sent and received in the form of a PDF. However, oftentimes, you will find a lot of clients who would specifically ask you to send them the file in a Word document. It is at such times the search for a reliable PDF to Word converter is heightened.

Well, PDFsimpli is the one application you need if a PDF is the file you seem to be in trouble with. Apart from offering smooth conversion services, you can also edit, merge or split your file here.


If you are a project manager, then Trello is the ultimate app that you need to stay on track. While you will always have the alternative of writing your projects down in your notebook or your spreadsheet, Trello only makes it easier for you.

All you have to do is write down the names of the projects and their respective teams, and this application will keep everything else on track. It will also remind you every time you reach a milestone or the number of days you have left on your timeline.


Quip is an application where you can create documents or spreadsheets that are accessible to all the members of your team. That way, they will always stay in the loop whenever you update a certain memo or assign any task.


Slack can be best defined as a messenger app where chatting is not the only highlight. It allows you to share large files that you couldn’t have done in apps like Messenger or WhatsApp. Therefore, it serves the same purpose as the two aforementioned tools, with the only difference being that Slack comes with greater benefits.