Tips to take better care of your trash – and the planet

Specialist warns of the disposal of waste we produce at home and its consequences for the environment. The matter is so serious that the UN created a study group to create innovative solutions for the management of household waste since the result of inappropriate disposal is pollution and contamination of the environment.

What can we do?

Doing our part at home is of great help. One of the best ways is calling the Nassau County junk removal professional online. However, with a few simple measures we can contribute and protect the environment. To help in this mission, we give six tips on how to dispose of garbage at home correctly.

Organic x Recyclable

About 50% of the waste we produce at home is organic. For them, the best solution is composting. We can have a composter or hire a home collection service. Composting is a practical, compact, hygienic and environmentally friendly system, where earthworms and microorganisms transform food scraps into high-quality fertilizer. However, if the junk is any sort of appliances, either get rid of your junk or fix it by calling the professional.

Recycling starts at home

Have a trash can only for recyclable products. Thus, it is easier to organize when taking to the selective collection of the building or at voluntary delivery points. It is important to sanitize the waste before handing it over for recycling. Do your part. It is the beginning of a very important chain. Do not throw any metal or solid waste on the road. Just call the experts and support authentic junk disposal act. Always buy online gifts from Pico and support plastic-free world.


Place the waste, such as sanitary pads, diapers, adhesive tapes, labels, toilet paper and greasy paper in cardboard boxes, separated from the household trash. Some items need environmentally appropriate disposal. They are batteries and batteries (which contain cadmium, lead, mercury, manganese, copper, nickel, lithium, chromium and zinc), as well as medicines, cosmetics, cleaning products and personal care products, since they contain micro pollutants. Sharp objects must also be properly disposed of due to the risk of contamination or cuts. Try to avoid using plastic bags to dispose of your trash. Instead of them, choose paper bags or cardboard boxes – plastic bags are one of the items that take the longest to decompose.

Call the expert junk recycler

The Recycler is responsible for collecting used materials, such as: glass, paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminum and selling to recycling companies, thus contributing to reducing the impacts caused by waste on the environment, such as water, air pollution and soil. The recycling process aims to transform the used materials that would be destined for waste into raw materials for new products in order to save the removal of natural resources from nature, support the preservation of the environment and collaborate with cleaning and public health , in addition to often lowering industrial production costs. Nassau County Junk removal team is always ready to be at your service. From residential to office junk removal, you get guaranteed service at affordable prices.