The working way of the Alpha recycling services

When it comes to catalytic converters then the first company that could click in our minds is the alpha recycling. The range of recycling services provided is from the pickup of the materials to the process of smelting. They allow their customers to get complete benefits from each deal and to do this they work by keeping a very low margin of profits.

The work process of the alpha recycling are mentioned below:

  • The entire grading system is dependent upon multiple verified results of the research and testing work
  • In the laboratories the results are checked and verified more than once which eliminates the risk of being inaccurate
  • The company’s assays are done is a systematic and a new advanced way
  • There are some companies who still use the x-ray guns to get results but there could be some errors in the results due to this process
  • The alpha recycling completely believes upon quality results
  • There is no time for the experts to rest as they work 24 hours and 365 days without any break

The work of alpha recycling does not ends only at the PGM material extraction but also offers competitive prices for batteries, iron, copper, aluminium, AC compressors, rims and many more. The best catalytic converter grading and best pricing is done by these companies.

They work on road picking up scraps of metals catalytic converters. The entire company works in New York. But they are spread all around the world. It works under the joint efforts of US organisation like:

  • Power Metal Recycling
  • Global Refining Group
  • Coast to coast Trucking
  • ABC Recycling
  • Sibanye-Stillwater

The joint efforts of these organisation makes the alpha recycling more easily operated and handled. Each research work is done with proper finishing.