The popularity of Foreign Entrepreneurs in Dubai

For a variety of reasons, the UAE attracts international investors. There’s its central location in Europe, Asia, and Africa and its favourable tax policy and well-known ease of doing business.

Then there are the country’s free zones, which offer additional perks, including 100% customs tax exemption and total capital and profit repatriation. Additionally, each free zone has its unique set of advantages.

What is an SPC Free Zone, and what does it entail?

SPC Free Zone is one of the UAE’s newest free zones, with a strategic location in Sharjah. It has fantastic connections with the surrounding region and the rest of the world, yet is only one hour away from Dubai.

Sharjah is the UAE’s third most populous emirate and the country’s cultural and industrial capital. It is a very popular commerce location because of its ports on both the Arabian Gulf and the Indian Ocean. Sharjah International Airport serves it as well, with direct flights to Asia, Europe, and Africa from all around the Middle East and beyond.

SPC Free Zone takes pride in its lightning-quick business setup service and open atmosphere, welcoming firms from over 1,500 industries. There are four different types of licences available:

  • Commercial – The possessor can trade goods and some commercial services using this card. Imported goods can be sold in the UAE, or exported goods can be sold worldwide.
  • E-commerce- Permit providers can use internet portals and marketplaces to offer goods and services all over the world.
  • Trade- Allows goods to be traded both within the UAE and abroad. This licence permits the trading of a variety of unrelated items.
  • Service -For entrepreneurs and enterprises who don’t have physical assets and instead sell consulting or project management services.

SPC Free Zone provides a variety of licence options to suit a variety of budgets and needs.


SPC Free Zone provides highly competitive licence packages with a variety of visa options and a ten-year validity period. It not only welcomes over 1,500 business activities but also offers dual permits, allowing businesses to trade on both the UAE mainland and the free zone.

Whether you choose a service, e-commerce, commercial, or general trading licence, you’ll have 100 per cent foreign ownership, no paid-up share capital, a simple corporate bank account, and access to the free zone’s amenities 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Therefore, be the best entrepreneur in Dubai to make high profits in a short time.