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The mobility lease can now be offered to a student tenant, if he is in graduate school or internship. This is the only flexible lease, which makes it all its interest. It can be concluded for a duration of one to ten months maximum, according to the needs of the student.

If the student is looking for accommodation for the duration of a four-month internship, the lessor can suggest that he sign a four-month mobility lease legally. It’s up to you to specify it in the rental agreement. When the lease ends, the lease ends without the lessor needing to give the tenant leave. However, the tenant can leave at any time by giving notice with one month’s notice as is the case with the two other standard furnished contracts (one-year renewable lease and student furnished lease). You can click here with the best options here.

This lease may be offered to a student in the following cases:

  • for his year of study (maximum 10 months);
  • The time of a professional training, an apprenticeship contract, an internship or a voluntary commitment within the framework of a civic service in particular.

On the other hand, unlike the furnished student lease, the owner will not be able to offer several successive mobility leases to the same student. If the tenant wishes to remain in the housing at the end of the lease, the owner will have to offer him either the nine-month student lease, or the conventional lease of one year renewable.

The only exception is that if the mobility lease was concluded for a period of less than ten months, the owner may extend the term of the lease by amendment, provided that the total rental period does not exceed ten months.

You can get the model of mobility lease and a standard model of endorsement to extend the mobility lease on our site.

Rent a furnished room at home

Housing become too big. You have empty rooms. Why not offer them for rent to a student while being tax-exempt?

  • You can offer either the traditional furnished one-year lease, the 9-month non-renewable student furnished lease, or the mobility lease.
  • The rents you receive in this case may be exempt from tax, but only under certain conditions:
  • The dwelling in which the room is located must be the principal residence of the owner-lessor.
  • the rented room or rooms furnished must be the main residence of the tenant. For your student tenant, this is the case, because we consider that his principal residence is where he resides for his studies even if he returns to his parents’ house every weekend and remains attached to their tax home.
  • the rent must be set within “reasonable” limits (determined each year).

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