Look for the Right eBay Solutions For You

The modality refers to the purchase and storage of products in a warehouse or warehouse with the objective of selling them in large quantities. In general, this type of trade is called B2B, since the consumer is an intermediary legal person and not the end customer.  The amount we charge depends upon the item’s price and the category you choose for your listing, any listing upgrade, and your seller conduct and performance.

 You have to pay a flat 10% of the final sale price when an item sells. This percentage is applied to every item including those which are listed for free. Calculate it all with Ebay fee calculator  now.


The main advantage of this model is the price offered for purchases in large quantities, which is quite attractive to the B2B audience. By buying large quantities, the seller is able to achieve a low cost per unit, making the sale very profitable.


Keep in mind that this model requires high initial investments for wholesale purchase and for storing items. In addition, for sales to be advantageous, it is necessary to sell a large volume of products, which can guarantee a high monthly profit.

White Labeling and Manufacturing

The manufacturing process and white labeling are different and must have their points specified. The first refers to the company paid to have items created exclusively for the brand. The second case refers to when the company does not manufacture the products, but may include the brand name as a manufacturer.

Often, companies pay specialists in certain products to manufacture the items, which are finished with the label of the first brand. In the case of products coming from abroad, the importing brand deals with high profit margins and really advantageous.


When working with white products, the company has the possibility to purchase an item at a low price and sell it at a higher price. In addition, she is responsible for controlling shipping and handling on her own. That is, the manager centralizes the processes, ensuring that they are made according to the required standard.

How to open an online store?

Keep in mind that gaining new customers for e-commerce is more expensive than keeping current customers. Therefore, if you work with an online store, strive to keep your customers satisfied, making them loyal to your brand. Also, be available to receive feedback and improve points that are not going well.

Which Products Sell More On The Internet?

An important point to make money with e-commerce is to work with the right product. That is, selling an item that people really look for and value. A good way to choose this product is to think of something innovative, which is not yet being offered by the competition and which has an important differential.

In addition, it is essential to work with a segment with which you identify. There is no point in creating a diabetic sweets business if you like to eat sugary desserts. It will be very difficult to think about the high points of your product and, in the same way; you will have difficulties to sell it.