Know these tips to choose a commercial refrigerator for your restaurant – basic aspects

Who decides to set up a restaurant or has already started structuring the business itself, knows that apart from the creation of menus, the decoration of the environment and the partnership with   strategic suppliers, it is essential to have quality equipment in the industrial kitchen. This is the case with the commercial refrigerator.

Why commercial refrigerator?

This appliance, unlike freezers, fulfills the important role of refrigerating and preserving foods and drinks for fast consumption, such as eggs, dairy products, vegetables, herbs, fruits, juices and ready-made dishes (pies, puddings, mousses and the like). This prevents them from spoiling, being wasted, cross-contaminating and damaging the establishment – as these problems increase expenses with constant replenishments of inputs and can still cause fines and embargoes with sanitary inspection.

This masterpiece is useful in various purposes. But depends on the size, capacity, cooling power, power consumption etc. you have to choose the model. But which one do you choose? Visit the page and see it for yourself, which one to buy based on your criteria. For this reason, we have prepared a post with the main aspects that you should consider when choosing your refrigerator.

Operating temperature

The first one concerns the operating temperature of the commercial refrigerator. After all, there are several devices on the market that offer a variation ranging from 0 degree to minus 10 degrees. However, the ideal temperature for food and beverage refrigeration is between 0 degree and 5 degrees. The reason is that any temperature higher than that suggested allows the development and proliferation of microbes and bacteria that are harmful to human health.Therefore, it is fundamental that you buy equipment that works within the limit indicated by the local authority.

Storage volume

A second aspect is the volume of storage that the appliance offers. That’s because buying a very compact model can be a bad investment for your business, since it limits the amount of inputs you can store simultaneously. To top it off, if you increase the menu, raise a larger clientele and expand the establishment, you will eventually need to purchase a new commercial refrigerator. Therefore, when searching for different models, give preference to those that have a capacity of more than 700 liters. Ideally, the type of storage should be vertical so that there is no food stacking and they become deformed, having their packaging damaged or, spilling and dirtying the whole interior of the appliance.

Energy consumption

A third aspect that must be analyzed is the energy consumption of the commercial refrigerator. This is because appliances that have a low energy efficiency use a greater amount of electrical energy to operate. It is no wonder that many brands end up offering this type of equipment for a more attractive price. However, do not just get carried away by the reduced value. Keep in mind that even if you save money at the time of purchase, in the long run you will have a much higher expenditure on your energy bill.