How to Ditch the 9-5 Grind and Build your Passion into Business

Like everyone, I had a dream of having a traditional 9-5 job which will provide stability in my life but I believe I didn’t think it through properly. Every day waking up early in the morning, grabbing the same old toast and traveling long hours in public transport was something I never considered. Maybe having the same schedule daily wasn’t very scary back then. Even though the job is secure, I don’t remember signing up for:

  • Awful deadlines
  • Gossiping colleagues
  • Immediate need of a vacation after coming from one
  • Pay is dreadful
  • And surely, I didn’t need my degree to do this work

Over time, I have lost sight of what I was passionate about. I still remember how excited and determined I was to join a job in the corporate sector with an opportunity to meet new people, learn new things and eventually, face different challenges. But after the work became almost repetitive and monotonous, the determination was somewhere lost. I just kept thinking that “the pay was good”, “benefits were worth it” and even “it was too late to find another job”, however, now I can’t remember who I was kidding? I was just depending on my whole life on one source of payment which could also be taken from me if the circumstances required.

One day I came across and maybe in certain ways my life started changing from that moment on. Whether you want to quit your job, try something new or your routine life is becoming too much, they will help you. It’s an opportunity to convert your passion or hobby into a profitable and purposeful business where you can share your brilliance and expertise with the world. You can also help other people through it.

This was an opening for me to have the freedom of self-employment. And I would be lying to you all if I said I didn’t like the sense of power that came with running my own business. Now, it was up to me to set the policies and direction of my company. For a moment, I thought something new from scratch might not be the best idea but it worked and it didn’t work just for me. A great number of people have benefited from enrolling in their system and I read their success stories, full of inspiration and motivation.

This course finally provided me with ample confidence to do something better with my life and pursue my passion. For the first time, my knowledge and experience were being truly used for my own good. The course covers everything I need to know. It has helped me to stay focused on what really matters and what needs to be done. Finally, I was once again excited about my future and looking forward to meeting new challenges.