How To Deal With A Power Outage

Generally, the power supply in Australia is considered to be very reliable and power outages are often over the moment they had begun. It is a well maintained supply, although if a natural disaster – for example fires or flooding – an electrical failure may last a lot longer. Hours, days or on rare instances weeks could go by without a solid power supply. During times of extreme heat, like in Melbourne for example, the power supply might implicate more than just homes – it can and has caused the shutdown of trains and businesses. In times of widespread blackouts it can be hard to find electrician services Melbourne can keep up with. Imagine the demand in smaller cities where the numbers simply aren’t there!

It’s time to think about how you can deal with a prolonged power outage for the safety of you and your family. Consider that you will be without the function of all appliances and probably left without hot water too. Once your phone battery runs out – you will also be without a phone service. Unless you have a battery-powered radio, you may be unable to keep updated with the progress of restoration.
This is a list on what you can do to help you reduce the total impact of power failure:


  • Look at your neighbours’ house. Are their lights out too?
    If the problem is limited to your home, check the mains panel to see if your circuit breakers or fuses are still doing their jobs. If everything looks okay, check for damage in the wires safely. If nothing becomes apparent then it’s time to call for one of the many electrician services Melbourne has to offer.
  • If the blackout appears to be affecting other properties around you, turn off appliances and electrical equipment to prevent damage. This also helps in restoring the power without having a heavy load on the system.
  • Turn off all of the lights – except one!
    This is so you can know when the power is back on again.
  • Do not open your freezer.
    It can keep filled capacity frozen for 24 to 36 hours. Keep it shut unless fully necessary
  • Don’t bring outdoor BBQ’s or home generators inside.
    As these items produce silent and scentless potentially deadly fumes, called carbon monoxide, it would also be wise to keep these away from open windows or doors.
  • Place lit candles in proper holders.
    All too often accidents happen where candles have been hurriedly lit around the house. Keep open flames out of reach of children and blow them out before going to bed. Practice safety with candles as they could cause havoc if irresponsibly used.
  • Keep a radio.
    It’s wise to keep a battery powered radio in the house for instances of prolonged power outages. This will be the most reliable way for you to keep tabs on the latest updates for your area. Especially if the circumstances are severe or unusual, it is highly recommended that you have a radio available to use to check in on the latest information.
  • Portable generator.
    If you have a portable generator in use during a power outage, do not plug it directly into your homes electrical system unless an electrician has installed the correct switchover facilities.