How to choose a logo color

On the advertising stands of the city streets, on booklets, on souvenirs and in many other places we see small pictures with inscriptions, the so-called logos. They play an advertising and informational function. Any self-respecting company strives to create a logo. Logo development is a complex and multifaceted process, one of the most important moments is the selection of colors, let’s consider it in more detail.

What is a logo

A logo is a symbol on some background with or without an inscription. The symbol represents the company, the background color attracts attention, the inscription informs the person about the company. A good logo should be bright, due to this it is perfectly deposited in the head for a long time. The product must be simple. Recent marketing studies have shown that the brain automatically remembers only logos with 3-5 elements, if there are more of them, then a person will have to make intellectual efforts to remember a picture with text. The colors used are very important, each color scheme expresses unique emotions and feelings.

Color meanings

Consider the most common colors and their psychological personifications:

– black, resistant, reliable, unshakable, used in the logos of elite educational organizations;

– white, clean, fresh, neutral, cute, used in the logos of flower shops and bridal salons, medical institutions;

– gray, conservative, persistent, reliable, it can often be seen in the logos of law firms;

– beige, confident, unshakable, stylish, the color can be seen in almost all the logos of stores with decorative items for an apartment or a house;

– red, energetic, lightning-fast, young, there are many colors on the logos of points of public attention, sports stores;

– yellow, creative, optimistic, cheerful and cheerful, it is used by advertising agencies, photo studios;

– orange, superficial, sociable, warm, as a rule, it is used together with yellow, it complements it;

– green, kindness and tranquility, suitable for garden shops, pastry shops;

– blue, timeless and philosophical, love to use bookstores;

– purple, associated with luxury and money, used by bookmakers, investment companies;

– pink, soft and clean, suitable for clothing stores, beauty studios.

When combining colors, values ​​may change. Do not combine red with black, it causes anxiety. No need to combine brown and gray, it looks very gloomy and dull, not even suitable for ritual agencies.

How to choose a logo color

Stick to the following pattern:

  1. Think about the object, the logo for which you want to create, write down the associations in the list, invite relatives and friends of different ages and gender to increase efficiency, arrange an active brainstorming session;
  2. Match the list of associations with colors;
  3. Create several variants of logos, use digital tools to simplify drawing, for example, a specialized Turbologo resource, it has extensive functionality, a high-quality color base, and a simple and intuitive interface;
  4. Conduct a sociological survey or a survey on the Internet, you need to determine the public opinion on the product, questions for use – do you like the picture, what emotions do you experience when looking at the logo, is it worth changing the color of the background or symbol;
  5. Make the final decision, analyze the product for scaling, the logo with the selected colors should look equally attractive on an advertising street stand, on a paper booklet, on souvenirs.

Remember, the logo should be simple – no more than 3 colors, bright – it is recommended to use yellow, orange and red.


The logo plays an important role in the development of any company. Do not neglect it, you need to spend time and effort to create a really high-quality product. Development is best done by a team. Drawing is optimally carried out in a completely free service called Turbologo, you do not need to invite professional designers, absolutely everyone can deal with the functions. More brightness, then the product will definitely be noticed and remembered!