How Don Forman Nissan Gives Back To His Community

Working hand in hand with the Fox5 Surprise Squad, Don Forman Nissan, through his United Nissan and Tustin Nissan companies, continues to touch lives in Las Vegas and beyond. According to the GlobeNewswire, Don Forman’s philanthropic activities have played a great role in his growth as a businessman since 2014. His belief in giving back to society by empowering individuals and families to achieve their dreams remains his driving force towards charity. In one of his interviews, Don stated that nothing in life gives him more satisfaction than giving back.

In November 2017, Las Vegas residents received surprise Thanksgiving turkeys at Albertsons, courtesy of Don Forman and the Fox5 Surprise Squad. Additionally, the two parties sponsored two boys to attend a bull-riding match as well as meet some of the sport’s icons, a deed that touched many hearts. Don also gifted a lady who had offered to take a young boy to a homecoming party after being rejected for his autism condition. Even better, they offered the young boy an educational scholarship.

At one point, Glen Zani, a man touched by the mass killings in sites such as Colorado Movie Theatre and Route 91 Harvest Festival, wanted to build and transport crosses to the victims. However, he was not able to do so due to inadequate resources. Thanks to the Fox5 Surprise Squad and Don Forman who gifted Glen money and other resources to help him construct the crosses and transport them.

Another shooting incident happened near the Mandalay Bay Resort, Las Vegas, leaving many dead and others injured. Don Forman and his United Nissan employees offered to give first aid to those injured and ferry them to the hospitals. Furthermore, the team built camps to house the victims, collected blood donations from volunteers, and transported it to medical facilities. They also took time off to mourn the dead and gave full support to the affected families. 

Don also touched the hearts of several college girls that needed an effective mode of transport to and from school. More specifically, he gave them free automobiles that made it easier for them to commute. During this time, Don Forman also provided finances for those girls to attend the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He further encouraged them to be consistent in everything they do if they wanted to realize their dreams.

These are just a few of what Don Forman Nissan has done for his community, and he continues to help those in need. For instance, when the covid-19 pandemic struck, he offered financial and emotional support for those who lost their homes due to unemployment. 

About Don Forman Nissan

Las Vegas businessman Don Forman Nissan owns the United Nissan as well as the Tustin Nissan automobile companies in Las Vegas and California, respectively. Don is also heavily involved in charity work in his community, and he’s also one of the pillars of the Fox5 Surprise Squad, a group that gives surprise gifts to Fox5 viewers. Despite his success in the business world, Don remains humble, positive, and ready to lend a helping hand.