Here’s what a criminal lawyer in NY can do for you!

When facing criminal charges, you need to get the best possible legal representation. No matter whether it’s something like DWI charge in New York, or sexual harassment, hiring a criminal lawyer is important for your case. People often wonder – What can a criminal lawyer do for my case? In this post, we are sharing more on what to expect from a Rochester criminal defense attorney

  1. Investigate. What differentiates a good defense attorney from another? Besides other things, it is their ability to investigate. Your defense as strong as the evidence that you have, and one of the key reasons why you need a criminal attorney in the first place is to investigate the matter. They will do their share of homework, where they would go the scene, find witnesses, talk to people, and if needed, lawyers often also take help of private investigators. 
  2. Negotiate. Another big role of a criminal attorney is to negotiate. It is not about pleading or begging, but rather deciding on what a person (read client) deserves and what could the possible outcome. People often forget that cases are built on how the matter comes up in trial. A criminal attorney often takes the route of causing doubt for the prosecutor. They may come up with weaknesses in the case presented, especially when defending a client on the strengths is hard. 
  3. Handling the trial. If your case eventually ends up in trial, you need a lawyer, who can prep and present the case accordingly. For a felony trial, it could be four to five weeks of work for the lawyer, and this could be a stressful time for the lawyer too. If you are hiring a criminal lawyer for the first time, you should know that handling the trial is an important skill, and you need someone with experience. 

Hiring a criminal lawyer

This brings to an important question – When do you really need a criminal lawyer? Ideally, if you are facing a criminal charge, you need to at least talk to an attorney, to know your options. This is regardless of whether you are guilty or not. As for the cost of hiring a criminal lawyer, it depends. Depending on the facts of the case, a criminal lawyer may work on an hourly rate, or charge a flat fee. There could be other costs related to hiring a criminal attorney in NY, so ask in advance, so that you are financially prepped.