Commercial Office Cable Management Solutions

There’s many wires to deal with in an office from the phone cords, ether cables, data closets, and docking stations, if the workspace’s wires are running amok, employees and customers may notice the disorganization and care less about being tidy with their desk.

Facilitate A Pleasant Work Environment

Visually, having a cluttered office and messy cables can reflect poorly on your business. When there are electrical wires thrown in the janitor’s cleaning closet, opening the door may be embarrassing and create an annoying work place for employees who have to deal with heavy and tangled electrical cords, hoses, and excess cables.

Protect Cables & Equipment With Cord Organizer

Whether you run a hospital, call center, educational facility, restaurant, or music venue, there are many types of cable organizers that can help tidy up every area of your business so that employees are safe from tripping hazards and the possibility of accidentally unplugging an essential piece of equipment needed for business operations.

Cable Management Problems Solved

Avoid zip-ties, hairbands, and other makeshift DYI cord management solutions for your office, and stick to professional tie wraps that utilize the genius of loop fasteners or touch tape, commonly known by the originating brand name VELCRO®. Go to your hardware store or office supply chain and head for the hook fastener or cable management aisle and consider purchasing a few of every kind of cable wrap that incorporates hook-and-loop tape, such as:

Tiny Cable Ties

Adhesive Wire Holders

Carabiner Cable Carriers

Wall Mounted Cable Straps

Tie Wraps With Labeling Tabs

Uncut Cable Strap Rolls

Small Tie Wraps Inside The Desk

Supply your employees with ways to stay organized, and they will succeed at their tasks with a speedier efficiency. Give a few petite cable ties to your secretary to keep their desk necessities bundled, like-with-like, instead of loose and rolling around in the drawer for all to see and wait while the secretary searches for the item, perhaps now lost.

Small cable wraps are excellent for storing or hiding a spare set of utility keys for your manager in case of emergencies or to hang small items and tools to a hook on the wall or under a desk. Simply thread the tie wrap through the hole of the tool or key loop and hang the item up and out of the way.

Sticky-Back Desk & Wall Mounts

Employees and customers will be pleased with the tidy appearance of the front assistance’s desk when all the computer wires are held down in place and bundled up and off the floor.

Nobody wants to get caught up in wires, but it can happen quite easy when excess slack is left to hang around loose and in the way. To solve the problem of messy cables purchase adhesive backed cable straps and keep wires locked down to the wall or desk, and thus less likely to become a tripping hazard or an eyesore.

Clean Up The Cleaning Closet

Carabiner cable straps are popular among carpenters and cinematographers who need extra power cords in a seconds notice. In the office, you can hang up hoses onto utility shelves or pegboards with industrial strength cable carriers and clip the wire to a tool belt for quick transportation and immediate use.

Hook fasteners are safe to use again and again without harming or sticking up sensitive cable equipment. For stationary gear that doesn’t travel far, screw a mountable cable strap to the wall inside your utility closet and keep all your cords and wires off the floor and easy to find and put away.

Label Wires For Quick Reference

Don’t worry about a new employee not knowing which cables and wires are used for the appropriate equipment, bundle cables and label them for less confusion and higher efficiency among staff.

Use Loop Tape For Shipping & Transport

You can find rolls of uncut hook-and-loop tape at the hardware store or in wholesale orders online. Long rolls of hook fasteners are great for bundling lightweight materials for shipping, transportation, and delivery of long awkward office items.   

Industrial Uses Are Endless With Loop Tape

Hook-and-loop cable fasteners are a great way to save you money on office supplies and the time it takes to run your business and keep your employees organized and on task.

Commercial Business Rely On VELCRO®

For industrial strength loop tape, look for the brands that use VELCRO® on their cable wraps and you’ll be guaranteed the toughest weave and holding capacity that amazed the world in the 1950’s for being the first zipperless-zipper and buttonless-fastener that closes quick and saves the most precious thing to every business: saving employees time while at work.