Benefits of having waist-high storage in the dining room

Recently, most of the condominiums, especially in urban areas, have an average occupied area of ​​less than 70m2. The current situation is that it is difficult to create a space in room for things to place.

Therefore, even in the store, when planning the space layout, we will receive a lot of consultation regarding the storage location. But in small room we can manage the space with help of furniture storage unit.

Therefore, it becomes effective to use the space around the dining table where the family gathers and the space under the counter in the facing kitchen.

The idea is to increase the space for the Storage units in the most utilized space to help in organize the entire space.

The recommended type of storage furniture is the so-called “high waist” with a height of 700 to 900 mm.

What you need to know about waist-high storage

  • The room looks large

The waist-high storage reduces the feeling of pressure in the space by making the walls look larger.

In other words, you can feel the whole room wide. But it is also important for the dining department to create an overall impression with storage that is kept at a height only in the central area of ​​the house.

  • Can be used as a display shelf

The waist-high storage height is perfect as a “decoration space” where you can see the line of sight. You can enjoy living by changing the interior of the space each time.

  • Suitable for installing home appliances

Dining that is a place where the whole family spends a lot. It is very convenient to install a mobile phone charger, a phone/fax, a home appliance such as a watch, etc. Keeping frequently used household wires in your house will help ease of use.

Even when operating audio directly, if the height is 800 mm to 900 mm, it will be easy to work.

  • Easy to change the pattern and move

In the case of waist-high storage, there is no anxiety about the compatibility with the ceiling height that differs depending on the house or room because there is no height.

One of the attractions is the high level of responsiveness, such as redesigning, moving between rooms, and the freedom of placement location when moving.

  • Storage amount

The lack of height makes a difference in the storage amount compared to, for example, tall storage.

However, in the case of waist-high storage, it is also a supplement to the main storage part such as a storage room and a storage case. After deciding what to store, increase unnecessary sorting opportunities as much as possible.

This is a very important element in organizing the entire space, and it can be considered as a step toward that.

  • Frequent “bending”

Getting in and out of storage below the waist necessarily means leaning over and working. Some people may find that this operation is quite difficult.

It is very important not only to store at a high waist, but also to carefully consider these “characteristics of things” when purchasing things, and consider them.