All About Logistics

Logistics is broadly all about the processes of moving and coordinating the people, goods and materials, equipment and inventory, from one place to storage and from storage to other intended destination. In fact, the word logistics has its inception in the context of the military to refer the movement or transportation of personnel, equipment and supplies to the soldiers or troops assigned in the fields or places of their engagements. Get the best transportation and logistic support from Fortuna Transport for your moving of materials to the places of your destination.

Often, the words supply chain and logistics are used simultaneously and interchangeably, but they are actually two different processes. Logistics is more in relation to one company along with the activities of purchase and transportation of raw materials, storage, its packaging and labelling work, containerization, documentation and insurance, follow up of importing and exporting regulations, shipment, transportation from the warehouse to the distributors, collaboration and working in close association with others within the supply chain, proper management of partners and vendors, working our risk mitigation and the cost management for risk mitigation etc.

On the other hand, supply chain management deals with the larger network who associate with each other and work together to deliver or transfer the products to the customers along with the providers of transportation services, vendors, wholesale and retail agents, warehouse providers, call centres etc.

The logistics management involves aspects like inbound and outbound transportations, warehouse and storage management, fleet management, handling of goods and materials, fulfilment of orders, time management, planning of demand etc.

Logistics management is important because despite the care and focus of the companies on the design and production of products as well as services to meet the requirement of the customers, if the final products do not reach the customers in proper time in a proper place with proper condition at an already estimated cost, the business will definitely perish and the company may collapse.

Logistics also play a more proactive role to enhance the business. As part of logistics, the more effectively raw materials are purchased, moved to storage untill it is used, the more profit the company will achieve. The company’s reliability and overall development depend on the coordination of resources and timely delivery of materials. On the other hand, if everything runs well, but the final products do not reach the customers appropriately, eventually the customer satisfaction will decreasing seriously affecting the profit and reliability of the company as well the business.