We all have different storage needs and Custom storage helps us to plan our shelving exactly as we want it. Mobile shelving has been a popular choice in workspaces as it not only creates space but also improves productivity and safety. Technological advancements have revolutionized mobile shelving, giving you more benefits. Following are eight reasons why you should have mobile shelving in your office space:

  1. More Space with less storage footprint:
    Mobile shelving assures you that you can get the most out of your current space by gaining 100% greater storage space. At times by reducing the storage footprint by almost 50%. There is up to a 300% increase in storage capacity while using mobile shelving when compared to lateral filing cabinets. 
  2. Great Long term benefits:
    As it is powered by a programmable system, mobile shelving offers a great long term storage benefit. These systems have drastically increased the storage density and sometimes the storage density is more than 50% of that of manual systems. It also gives you the liberty to plan for either short-term or long-term expansion plans in the existing spaces. 
  3. Improves Productivity:
    Mobile shelving helps to not only increase productivity but helps to save time. The material is stored in such a way that it makes it easier to find them, hence, decreasing the time that you spend looking for them. 
  4. Customize it according to your needs:
    Everyone has different storage space needs, mobile shelving systems can be customized in such a way that they meet your individual storage needs. Irrespective of whether you have store bulky boxes or files, mobile shelving is a perfect fit for all kinds of storage needs. The deep shelves and the heavy-duty carriages can easily take the weight of large boxes or heavy loads. On the other hand, the pre-configured measurement is a perfect fit for meeting your filing needs. 
  5. Better and increases accessibility:
    The best thing about being able to customize your storage space is that when the density of stored materials is increased, the mobile shelving system allows them to be close to your point of need. Hence, it gives you easier access. 
  6. Better Storage Security:
    Sometimes locking your storage system is not enough. Mobile Shelving not only gives you an option to lock your device, along with that it also provides you with a programmable system, which gives you either electronic or remote access. Such programmable systems make sure that only someone who has proper authority over you can access your mobile shelving storage space.
  7. Safety First:
    As these mobile shelving systems are powered storage systems, they safely move the heavy loads using electronic input, hence, protecting the users and the stored material. 
  8. Money Wise:
    In comparison to a traditional filing cabinet system, the mobile shelving system offers more storage within the same price range, while increasing your floor space. Our comparisons will help you to visualize what we mean.