5 Helpful Tips When Installing Wall Decor Stickers

Applying a wall sticker decoration is the best and cheapest way to design a room for a homeowner with no budget for a professional interior.

What’s ideal is that different forms and styles are available on the market. It is also a convenient option since you can do it yourself. Here are some helpful hints on setting and installing wall decor stickers.

1. Choose coordinated colours

It’s a safe bet that if you pick wall stickers in Singapore that complement each other, they will fit perfectly in your room. When choosing yours from a supplier, check out designs you prefer or search for inspiration online. Once you like what you see, you’ll find it easier to do the job.

2. Prep your walls

This simple trick can save you countless hours. If you want your wall sticker decoration to work how you imagined and expected it, clean your walls first. To remove dirt from your walls, use a mildly wet cloth and let them dry for a while. It will ensure that your decal adheres to the surface properly.

3. Break each piece

Do you have big wall decals? You can break them up before applying them to the wall. It will make it easier for you to complete your project. Contact your wallpaper supplier in Singapore about the size. You may also choose to request a customisation.

4. Avoid creases

When installing wall decor stickers, it’s widespread to encounter unwanted creases. While setting each piece one at a time on the wall, make sure there are no creases by using the palm of your hand.

5. Use water

Wall sticker decoration removal begins with a simple step: removing the top backing layer after applying the decal to the wall. If it’s still stuck, lightly mist or moisten the paper and gently peel it away from the adhesive.

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