4 Modern Office Space Planning Types

Do you want to give your office a transformation? Or do you want to build your new office? Whatever the case may be, if you want a modern office, it will need a lot of planning and proper layout. However, before that, it is essential to understand the various types of contemporary workspace. 

Before you start your modern office planning, you need to understand that it is a matter of time and hard work. It takes a lot and in return provides you load of benefits. However, it will help if you realise the importance of understanding all the new-age office planning types in depth because everything has its specific drawbacks.

It is necessary for a person to realise what they want near them, their liking, disliking, and needs. It will be better to say if you want your office to look like the usual ones we get to see in every other office, traditional office type is the perfect option for you. Apart from conventional office type, there are several types.

Here in this article, we will discuss the common yet desirable modern office workspace planning. The planning includes all the factors to consider in selecting office furniture to make it perfect. Your office is the place that affects several things such as the concentration of an employee, impression on the visitors or clients, etc. If you want to make your office look and feel like a perfect fit, think about the work you do in the office, the purpose. Here is a list of the various modern office spaces with their written below.

The designer place or artist loft

If your work depends on creativity, designs, etc., it is the perfect option. In the artist loft type of workspace, you get those galley desks long and allow several designers to work together. Whiteboards help artists to encourage the flow of ideas going on in their minds.

When more than one people get the opportunity to work alongside, it helps them find inspiration from each other. It keeps a friendly environment in the office and encourages employees to love working in the office, even better if you add some colors in such a place. For example, if you can frame some graphic designs and put them on the walls, it will make the entire look simple yet elegant.

The start-up or the cafe office type

If you want your employees to think freely and do flexible work, this particular type of office space layout planning is perfect. You need some space to add those long-standing tables that we often see in cafes. Flexible laptop desks and some couches will make your office feel much more comfortable for the people who work there and inspire them to work with each other.

The best part of start-up office-type planning is that you can still go for this idea if you have a low budget. Flexible space for laptops and iPads makes it more comfortable for employees to work in their areas without feeling uncomfortable. Also, the couches in the office go hand to hand with comfort. People often get irritated and distracted while working in the same place all day. However, if they have a couch to sit on and work, it will help them be attentive to their work.

Natural happy office

There are two main reasons why it is an innovative and beautiful workspace layout you will love. Firstly, we all understand that not everyone has a big fat budget for maintaining or creating a workspace that can work as a wonder. If you want a pocket-friendly workspace layout, then you can rely on this one. 

We call it a natural and happy office because with this plan, instead of using artificial lights, you let the natural light fill the entire space. You can use bulbs and mirrors to help the lights play around, creating a happy and energetic environment for the employees. If your office is a small one, it can be an eco-friendly and budget-friendly option for you. Also, in such kind of a workspace, employees will work happily.

Traditional or the conventional office type

It is the one we all have seen in our lives. The office where you can see too many barriers, the same cubical walls are along with individual desks and colossal conference rooms. It can be a good option if you have plenty of employees working in your office, but you don’t have enough space to add some extraordinary furniture and tools.

There is less chance of socializing in such kinds of offices as employees will work in their respective cubicles.

Open office

An open office is everything a traditional office is not. Well. It will be better if we discuss the open office in more depth. In open offices, there is a minimal number of walls possible. If you want to keep your employees close to each other to get inspired and work happily, an open office is a perfect option for you. 

In other words, we call such type of offices benching. If your work seeks a lot of collaboration, then it is undoubtedly an excellent choice for you. However, since few walls and people can see each other, it may distract the employees.


Apart from the types of modern workspace planning layout written above, there are more to the list. As mentioned before, while planning for a workspace layout, it is essential to understand your work, and by this, it doesn’t only mean the space but also its shape.

Remember that your office layout is not only for you or for the clients. It is mostly for the people who work there. When you make a plan, try to think like an employee, what things you would like to have in your office if you were an employee, what changes could help you work there, etc. Once you find out all the answers, it will become more comfortable to choose the best option. Don’t worry, it is not as difficult as you think.